Not much more to update this week–but I am still going in the right direction. Slowly, but surely, I am becoming more acquainted with the morning. Are there some days where the bed is just too warm and cozy and I remain trapped by the blankets and pillows? Yes, of course. But are there also… Continue reading Focus….

The Endurance of Us

I took this picture while in a South Dakota ghost town. Whatever your beliefs, I think it’s nice to see a place of worship that has stood despite the march of time. Whether a church or a temple or something else, these are places where people gathered to connect, rather than divide; to believe in… Continue reading The Endurance of Us

The Life of a Writer

I spend my days dancing in the shades; I make my living from the lust of rage. I feel most at home when my soul’s crying ink, And my best thoughts come when I don’t think. My mind lives far off–above the clouds, Catching stories for me to shout. When I’m alone, my pen races… Continue reading The Life of a Writer


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