Thank You

Not much to report this week. A lot of writing. A lot of trying to get out of bed early–sometimes making it, sometimes falling back to sleep on the couch. I’ve been tackling to-do lists and projects and planning content for the blog. But I also wanted to take another moment to say thank you.… Continue reading Thank You

False Spring

The spring may be falseAnd more snow may be on the way–But, right now, the sun is realAnd so is the warm breeze;So are the chirping birdsAnd the freshness in the air.The spring may be false,But todayis real.And so is my smile. Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

Not Exactly a Story….

Happy March, everyone! And yes, I know. Mondays are for stories. And this is not a story, but it is story-related.(I promise.) I decided to try something a little bit different. Since I’ve really started sending out queries again, I’ve been re-evaluating some of my manuscripts, and I can’t help but think that maybe they… Continue reading Not Exactly a Story….


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