Unexpected Advice

Notes: Okay… doing something a little different. I don’t have another chapter of Plugged In quite ready yet, but I was hoping not to “cop out” and just do a random post in place of a story. I was hoping to actually have something worth reading…. And that’s when I remembered this story I wrote… Continue reading Unexpected Advice

Returning to NaNoWriMo

Not much to report this week. Still writing. I’ve actually gone back to the story I was working on for this past NaNoWriMo. I got a little bit of inspiration… which came in a burst of frustration. Oh well, at least it’s constructive. Onward and upward, I suppose. Oh, and I need to start thinking… Continue reading Returning to NaNoWriMo

Just Driving By

A few years ago, during a road trip out west, I couldn’t believe the breathtaking views. It didn’t matter if we were in a national park or just driving on the highway: Every inch of landscape seemed to have been carved by sculptors, painted by artists. The mountains, the canyons, the never-ending skies… And I… Continue reading Just Driving By


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