A Bit of Progress… and A Lot of Nerdiness on the Horizon

I actually had a bit of time to write this week. Not much, but I did have a nice rush going for a bit.

I’ve gone back to working on my old NaNoWriMo project from last year. I’ve had writer’s block with it, but I think I’m starting to get my groove back.

I’ve also worked on a little bit of poetry. It’s nice to have that kind of emotional outlet. Very freeing. I never should have stopped writing poems.

Summer Reading is still going strong, but I’m glad that I’ve been able to carve out a bit of time for the writing side of me.

Of course, the Library Comic Con is coming up soon…. It takes a TON of planning and prep, and, as the nerdiest librarian in all the land…. well, it’s kind of my baby. Patrons really enjoy it, and I love being able to give my fellow nerds a place to let their nerd flag fly. (There aren’t a ton of opportunities for that in rural communities.)

That’s going to be taking up most of my time.

Thank goodness I got some writing in this week!

Feeling a Bit Redundant

What’s new?

Not much.

I’m starting to feel like a broken record… (Wait. Do people still listen to records? Probably only nerds like me. A skipping CD? No, people don’t even listen to those any more. Umm….) I’m starting to feel like… a repetitive Spotify playlist?

Man that doesn’t have much of ring to it.

Anyway, point is: I feel repetitive. Redundant.

But I knew that was going to happen during Summer Reading. I write when I can. I don’t usually have much creativity or energy left after work these days, but every once in a while, a bit of inspiration will strike and I’ll take advantage of it.

Not bad news, but expected news.

Only one thing to do though: Keep moving forward.

More Librarian Than Writer

Not much to report this week: Summer Reading is in full swing, and that means that I’ve changed my residence to the library for the time being. I have managed to write a little bit more, but, like I’ve said… my focus is more librarian than writer at the moment.

I wish I had more to say, but… have I mentioned we’re going to have foxes at the library? I’m so excited!

I mean, seriously… how adorable! Who wouldn’t get distracted from writing at the prospect of seeing foxes!!!

It’s Almost Here!

It’s almost here….

The Summer Reading start date at my library is June 1.

It’s going to be an exciting time: Lots of contests, prizes, programs… We’re even getting live animals!

Chris Pratt’s face says it all. I’m so excited for Summer Reading to start–especially after last year… when we couldn’t really have any programs thanks to COVID.

But it’s a new year with new plans and new excitement.

Bring it on!

(Oh, and no…. still not a lot of writing happening.)

SUMMER READING! *insert confetti*

Not surprisingly, this week wasn’t very productive.

It’s not that I didn’t write, it’s just that I did very little of it.

Why? Because it’s May–the month before Summer Reading. And so basically from now through August that’s where my concentration needs to be. I’m going to be living at the library for the next couple of months.

What does that mean? It means I might get behind on editing. I might get behind on sending query letters.

But that’s happened before, and it’s an easy fix: All I have to do is a bit extra, later. The end goal is basically to get at least one new manuscript written and sent out 12 query letters this year. Ideally, that would happen in a nice, orderly, month-by-month schedule.

But if there’s one certainty in life it’s this: Nothing is orderly.

Plans change, and it’s important to be flexible.

And when the reason for that change is something as much fun as Summer Reading, then I will gladly make those adjustments.

As much as I love writing, I also love being a librarian. Libraries, nowadays more than ever, are community centers. They represent so much more than books (though books, by themselves, are already pretty awesome.) They are opportunities: To connect, to learn, to grow, to experience, to make memories… to do a million things.

And Summer Reading, with our array of programs, is the time that encapsulates all of that.

So I won’t be as active in writing. It doesn’t mean I won’t be on the blog… It just means things will be a little different for the next few months. Most of my updates will be short and sweet, and my stories I post on Mondays will likely be the same.

Happy summer, everyone. Let’s get our read on!

Query #4 and Summer Reading

It is sent. My goal remains in tact.

Not much more to say–I’ve been writing as I can, though life has gotten busy again. Summer Reading is on the horizon, which is like the Super Bowl for librarians. Lots of prep and planning take place in the month or so before it officially starts. And then once it starts… well, I’ll pretty much be living at the library.

Which I love. It’s the best time of the year for librarians.

But it does mean that I’m going to have to make more of an effort to carve out time for writing.

But I can do it. If nothing else, I’ll aim for 15 minutes a day. Any progress is still progress, right?

Remembering the Poet in Me

This week was a little slower.

A bit more time spent reading than writing.

Though I am starting to plan out the blog for next month, working on poems primarily. I will say, this blog has forced me to get back in touch with the poet side of me. I haven’t written poetry this regularly since high school, and it’s nice to have that kind of expression and release back in my day-to-day life.

That’s the biggest news of the week. (Which means, no, I haven’t sent the query yet. Next week for sure!)

Returning to NaNoWriMo

Not much to report this week. Still writing.

I’ve actually gone back to the story I was working on for this past NaNoWriMo. I got a little bit of inspiration… which came in a burst of frustration.

Oh well, at least it’s constructive.

Onward and upward, I suppose.

Oh, and I need to start thinking about that next query letter….