I think a Lot About “Musée des Beaux Arts”

I think a lot about “Musée des Beaux Arts” by W.H. Auden–

About how the world can be shattering for one person,

But blossoming for the next;

About how one soul can be grieving

And another celebrating;

About how a moment of peace in one place

Can happen beside a moment of strife in another.

I think a lot about “Musée des Beaux Arts,”

And how Icarus fell and how so little of the world cared–

And how so little of the world even knew

That a son had flown, then burned, then fell

While his father could only fly onward, aghast and mourning.

And yet everyone else did their laundry,

Or shared a joke, or just glanced up at the same sun

That was Icarus’ undoing.

I think a lot about “Musée des Beaux Arts”

And how vast the world is, and how little I know.

And I wonder if random moments of sadness

Or an unexplained burst of energy

Is just a hint of the rest of the world’s feelings

Manifesting, just for a moment, within me?

If the universe is trying to share something

That we can’t really, actually, share?

I think a lot about “Musée des Beaux Arts”

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021


26 is the most powerful number.

7 may be lucky,
And life may come in 3s–
42 may hold all the answers,
And lovers may walk by 2 by 2–
1 is the loneliest by far,
And 100 is a fine checkpoint–

But 26 is the most powerful.

26 letters in the alphabet.
26 lines and curves that we give meaning.
26 letters that we use–

To ask.
To beg.
To care.
To dream.
To earn.
To fret.
To grow.
To help.
To imagine.
To jinx.
To know.
To love.
To mourn.
To need.
To own.
To pray.
To quell.
To raze.
To sail.
To try.
To understand.
To validate.
To wonder.
To yearn.
To zip.

26 letters.
Infinite words.
Infinite worlds.

26 is the most powerful number.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021


The rain slipped down the window
Like snakes across clear sand.
My mind began to wander
And my imagination ran.
The looming thunderheads sang songs
And the lightening did a dance.
I watched the stormy theater show
And fell into the usual trance.
Chores were suddenly futile,
And writing was a bore.
I began to wonder
What work was even for.
Sleeping sounded wonderful–
A nap would be a treat.
I heaved a heavy sigh
And admited my defeat.
The rain came like it always does
On lonely summer days
And stole my motivation
Like it stole the sunlit rays.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

The Pawn

Breathe your life into me,

And to you, I’ll do the same.

Abandon all your lies and dreams,

And lend to me your pain.

Yes, feed to me your sorrows,

A spoonful at a time.

Nourish me with vengeance

And the questions in your mind.

Build me ever stronger

From the hate that you conceal.

Give your time and energy,

And, at last, make me real.

For though you think you found me

In the swampland of your mind–

I was who discovered you

And waited with patience and time.

So give me body with your ink,

Give me mind upon a page.

Give me life, and love, and limb,

And a story I can stage.

Lose yourself to feeling,

Let your anger thrive,

For if my grip is strong,

I may just come alive.

This game we play together

Of the author and the pawn

Is one of sleepless nights

And of working ‘til the dawn.

Pretend you have control–

I will play the part–

But rely on me too much,

And you will lose your art.

So breathe your life into me,

And to you, I’ll do the same.

Breathe your life into me,

And I’ll begin my reign.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

Look Down

I looked down on an ant
As it crossed the Sahara of the pavement.

I looked down on a spider
As it finished its tapestry with a flourish.

I looked down on a bee
As it zipped through the forest of a rose bush.

I looked down on so much
During such a simple walk
That I stopped and wondered….

Who was looking down on me?

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

I Am Fine

This was written when I was having a particularly bad day as a result of the pandemic. I wasn’t sure about posting this, since the emotions from it are still kind of fresh…. but I think it’s important for people to know that they’re not alone, that others are experiencing similar feelings. Like everyone else since COVID-19 hit, I’ve often said, “We’re all in this together.” And one way we can be together is by sharing what we’re feeling, by showing others that they’re not alone. I’d be a bit of hypocrite if I didn’t try to reach out and share, too. Truly, everyone: We’re all in this together. We’ve got this. Bad days like the one I had when I wrote this will come, but they will also pass. I know we’ve got this. Why? Because we’ve got each other.

I am not okay

With the worry and the fear

That come from so many unknowns.

Usually, the unknown is little more than a weed.

But these new unknowns are an untamed jungle.

I am not okay

With how twisted the world seems,

With how the rose-colored lenses I wore

Always saw humanity as good and selfless and helpful,

But now those lenses are smeared.

I am not okay

With all the could-have-beens,

With wondering who I could have been this year

And what experiences, what adventures

Would have shaped me.

So, yes, I am not okay.

I am not okay.

I am not okay.

But I am trying.

And I am fine.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

My Mind

I’ve once been told my mind’s

A very scary place to be.

But I will give you welcome,

And I will leave my key.

Don’t hesitate to enter;

I love the company.

Take a look inside my mind

And see what all I see.

If you take a moment

And look deeper than before,

You surely will find something

That will show you so much more.

It’s something that is hidden

In my mind’s most center core–
But you will want to find it

And open wide its door.

More than trees and butterflies,
Much more than what you view.

Can’t you see that this world

Is not the world you knew?

Yes, there’s something else here,

Something so bizarre and new.

I see a world few others see,

But a world that’s far more true.

Take a look inside my mind,

Perhaps you’ll understand

The things I see, the songs I sing—

Why I am the way I am.

What seems odd and strange to you

Is perfect where I stand.

Don’t turn away, don’t scoff;

Let me take you by the hand.

What do I see? What do I know?

Oh, I know more than you.

I know the thoughts you fear to think,

And I know sorrows few.

I know the beatings of my heart,

And I know all I do.

My mind has eyes, my mind has ears—

I fall into a world so new….

Ships with sails and spaceships

Dance across the skies.

Shooting stars send messages
To eager watchful eyes.

Futuristic images,

Settings from the past

Mingling together

For tales that surely last.

Moonlight streams a forest ground:

Ghosts that fly and wail.

Battles rage across the land,

And heroes never fail.

Lights that crash across the scene–
A band begins to play,

And half a million thoughts ago

Odd creatures roar and run away.

Watchful eyes lurk deep in shadows,

Detectives hunt their passions.

What is in my mind, you ask?

Well, whatever I imagine.

Sarah Davidson 2021

As Stars Fall

I actually wrote this waaaay back as a freshman in high school. And I have literally no idea where I got the inspiration for it. It’s a very romantic sort of poem, and as a freshman I was still in my super shy, gawky phase. I tended to write poems based more on characters though–getting in the head of different people in different situations–so I figure that must have been where my muse was that day. I always kind of imagined that this was a precursor to “I Only Wanted Love.” Oh well, it makes sense to share it now, since Valentine’s Day is coming up.

Long red hair through fingers fall

As its partner gently crawls

To give my hand a gentle touch–

This is love, far more than lust.

Let me see, let me hear

The calling from the heavens near.

Why deny what feels so right?

Shall we chase our dreams tonight?

Hold me close, let me sigh–

Searching for love where innocence lies.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021