Light Painting

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

The assignment was to paint with light. The result: A reminder of all that can happen in only a few moments… and how the result can be something unexpected.

(How was this made? A long exposure while shaking colored Christmas lights around. This is a lot of fun to do–and you can use any kind of light source! Flashlights, glow sticks…. The only limit is your own imagination!)

Here’s to Caves!

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

We don’t give enough credit to caves.

Their array or colors can rival a sunset, their formations put any mountain range to a test.

But they’re hidden. Underground. Out of sight, out of mind.

So, yes, we overlook. Literally.

It makes you wonder what else we overlook. What other works of art and beauty never receive our notice because something else is a bit brighter, a bit flashier.

It pays, I suppose to be observant. To look beyond, around… and, of course, under.

Who Needs Perfection?

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

At first, I didn’t want to use this photo: You can see the edge of the car window and a bit of glare reflecting from the glass.

But then I thought: Why not share it? Yes it was clearly taken from a car while passing, but doesn’t that just prove that it was, truly, a moment in time? That I saw it and experienced it. That my family and I drove through the Rocky Mountains and marveled at the snow-capped peaks in the middle of June.

We worry about perfection so often. And I am no different. Wanting to do your best is admirable, but perhaps perfection isn’t. More often, hindsight shows us that the imperfections are what makes a memory, what makes a moment.

The favorite stories from life’s most precious events are rarely the ones when things went according to plan. The detour on a vacation, the unexpected problem at a wedding, the Christmas morning that was more hectic than magical…. These are the moments that give us inside jokes and little moments of love and understanding.

Who needs perfection? What we need are memories.

So here’s my imperfect photo: Framed by a car window and smudged with glares.

It’s one of my favorite memories.

The Power of a Walk in the Woods

Copyright Sarah Davidosn 2021

The famous yellow springs for which the town in Ohio is named. Once believed to have healing properties. And maybe it does… I’m not one to discount the power of nature.

But maybe the healing came from the trek to find it. Even now it’s located well into a long hike.

Maybe the healing comes from leaving the world behind for a while, in walking beneath a canopy of trees, and in breathing the fresh air.

Never overlook the power of a walk in the woods.

Or, I suppose, the cool feel of fresh water from a yellow spring.

Thank Goodness for Rainbows

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

A rainbow over the mountains. I’d like to say more… but what else can I say that isn’t already captured in the moment of seeing a rainbow? There’s a childlike wonder that never disappears, now matter how much we age, whenever a rainbow appears in the sky.

We might grow older and more cynical. Maybe even more bitter.

But we always look up and smile when we see a rainbow.

Thank goodness for that.

The Magic of Never Knowing

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

Taken in a South Dakota ghost town.

This building was so old that it was, literally, falling a part. We could only take one step inside before caution tape stopped us in our tracks. But, still, we could see how this dilapidated building had once held so much life–so many people coming and going, talking and fighting, laughing and loving.

I adore old buildings. There are so many echoes of life within the walls–so much that we can never know, but only imagine.

It’s a sort of magic, that wondering: Who was here before me? Why were they here? How did this place impact their story? Was it just a paragraph? Or a whole chapter?

No way of knowing, but also no stop to the wondering.

Like I said: Magic.

Why Stop for Rocks?

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

Who would stop for rocks?

It was a strange request, as the hike meandered down by the lake, to stop for a moment and drop to the ground, to take a picture of the pebbles. Sure, I took a picture of the lake, too, but I’ve always loved rocks.

Easy to overlook, yes, and maybe not all that impressive… But they also come in so many colors. So much gray, of course, but, if you look more closely… there are so many shades of that gray. And if you look even closer… there are speckles of pink and blue and green scattered throughout.

And with each wave that comes, the scene will change. New rocks. New colors.

At that moment, there were also shells. If I went back today, they would likely be gone.

Life is change. Life is details. Life is finding the color when there doesn’t seem to be any.

So stop for the rocks. You never know what else you might see.