As you can probably see…. Word-Maleerie is changing quite a bit. I’m working on getting everything a bit more organized and streamlined, and hopefully ending up with a “cleaner” look.

My main goal right now is trying to figure out if each post can have a “preview” rather than just the whole post itself. Right now, there’s A LOT of scrolling if, say, you want to staring reading Forthcoming from chapter one.

I’m also hoping to add a video to the homepage as a more proper introduction to the site. (And hopefully, as a way to introduce myself to publishers/agents beyond a query letter. Fingers crossed!)

Another feature I’m thinking about is linking my Goodreads to Word-Maleerie. I write quick little reviews of everything I read—mostly so I can keep track of what happens in each story (which is very helpful when you power through around 200 graphic novels a year….)—but I thought it might also be fun to add those reviews here.

At least, That all is the plan so far. It will take a lot of time… but anything is doable with a check list!

Wish me luck!

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