An Ending and a Restart

It’s almost the end of Summer Reading.

Boy, did it go fast!

Tomorrow is a special carnival, and then after that, a few loose ends to tie up and then… back to normal.

It’s been a rush, like Summer Reading always is. I love seeing patrons’ faces light up during programs. Or their excitement when they learn they won a prize. Or just the anticipation of all the adventure that awaits in a stack of books brought up to the desk.

Of course, libraries always have all of that. But Summer Reading… it’s a particularly special time.

I’m going to miss it. But it comes around again next year. (And in the meantime… maybe I’ll start planning a really cool Halloween-themed program series.)

But the end of Summer Reading also means the restart of writing.

So here I come. I hope my keyboard is prepared for all the stories I have pent up inside of me.

A bit of progress may have still been made during the summer, but now…. *cracks knuckles*

Now, it’s time to catch up on stories and projects. On query letters. On blog posts that are more than 500 words!

Bring it on.

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