200 and Counting

Like I’ve said during my Friday posts: I’ve been busy at work planning for Summer Reading. What does that mean? It means I don’t have a lot of time to write–at least, not write chapters in my current stories that I think are up to the quality they should be. And yet it is story day on the schedule, so… quite a dilemma. But then I thought it might be fun to try my hand at some “flash fiction.” It would be a good writing exercise for me and still (hopefully) provide an enjoyable read. So I found a prompt and challenged myself to write that story in only 500 words or less.

Prompt: Write about someone who keeps picking up different hobbies but never manages to stick with them.

                Adelia always thought she was indecisive. Sitting still had never been option for her, but never had settling down. She had gone through so many hobbies: She’d tried stamp collecting, but had ended up turning them into collages.

But when she tried making collages, they turned into scrapbooks. When she tried scrapbooking, she found her photography was too artsy. And when she tried to be a photographer, she found she enjoyed the walking and hiking to find the perfect picture more than the picture itself.

So she started hiking, only to find that it wore her out and the time she spent sitting down, jotting down her thoughts was much more enjoyable. So she decided to try poetry. But she couldn’t keep her thoughts short enough to be true poems, so she decided to try writing novels instead. But writing people was difficult, so, as research, she started people watching.

That was a lot of fun, but then she noticed all of the many, many ways others occupied their time: Reading, and dancing, and kickboxing, and drawing, and videogames, and a million other things.

                So she decided to try them all, but each one only lasted for a while. As enjoyable as each hobby was, it always led her to something else that seemed even better, even more fun.

                In the end, Adelia counted up that she had tried over 200 different hobbies–from collecting lunchboxes to mountain-climbing.

                Perhaps, she thought, she just wasn’t meant for a hobby. Perhaps she was too inattentive, too easily distracted.

                She scrolled through the photos on her phone–each memory, each excursion….

                And then she smiled.

                She did have a hobby after all!

                Her hobby… was to collect hobbies!

                With renewed energy and enthusiasm, she leapt up from her couch. What hadn’t she tried yet? Surely another 200 hobbies awaited her….

                Next stop… mountain biking! And then maybe beekeeping…. or axe throwing…. or….

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

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