Letters: Chapter Two

Chapter two of the old fan fiction I posted last week. And, of course: I own nothing. JKR owns it all. High School Sarah just borrowed Remus for a bit to imagine what his time at Hogwarts must have been like. (Of course, if Ms. Rowling wanted to write a prequel about the marauders giving us just that… well, then all of my dreams will have come true.)

Oh, and obviously this was written WAAAY before Pottermore. So Remus’ parents were characters of my own creation, as, at the time, I didn’t have any canon characters to use. But I really wanted to explore what it would have been like for the Lupins to send their only child–who was also a werewolf facing major prejudice–to Hogwarts, alone. This chapter explores that idea.

Jonathan Lupin was sipping his morning cup of tea when Felicitus, the owl he had bought Remus in Diagon Alley, flew through the window and landed importantly on the table. The owl had a very proper nature, and stood alert atop the table, holding her leg out. Jonathan took the extremely thick letter, and passed the owl a bit of toast. “There you are, girl,” he muttered, before the owl flew away toward the old barn outside, leaving Jonathan alone with the letter.

            He looked down at the—was that two rolls of parchment? Jonathan frowned; if Remus had that much to say, that could mean two things—he was having a great time and had a lot to write about, or he was having a horrible time and wanted to come back home, both of which seemed equally likely; Jonathan hoped it was the former.

            Jonathan drank the rest of his tea before calling into the living room, “Lucinda, I have a letter from Remus.”

            Lucinda was by his side in a flash, her light hair falling across her face. “Is he okay? Does he need anything?”

            Leave it to Lucinda to be worrying before the letter was even open; she’d been doing so all week, thinking about the boy who had hardly left her side since he was an infant.

            Jonathan smiled wryly, “Cindi, I haven’t even opened the letter yet. Give me a moment.”

            And with that, Jonathan unfurled the parchment and laid it on the table so the both of them could read it:

            Dear Mum and Dad,

            Well, it’s been a week already and so far things have been great. I’m sure you’ve already heard that I was sorted into Gryffindor, which was fantastic—I’ve made a lot friends really quickly, especially with the boys I share a dorm with. First, there’s James, I sat with him on the train on the way up. He’s really into Quidditch (he’s still upset about not being allowed to play on the House Team), and really knows how to have a lot of fun. Then, there’s Peter. He likes Quidditch too, but he’s a lot like me and wouldn’t even consider playing it. He collects chocolate frog cards like I do, and his collection is almost as large as mine! We’ve been trading and now I’ve finally got Ptolemy! Anyways, then there’s Sirius. He was sitting on the train with us too, and he was absolutely shocked when he got into Gryffindor. You see, he’s a Black; I don’t really see what the big deal is, but everyone seemed to be so surprised what House he was in. Maybe I need to get out more… But anyways, he loves being in Gryffindor and says that it’s a right bit better than Slytherin any day. He and James are a lot alike; he likes to have fun too.

            Okay, let’s see what else has happened. I’m really enjoying my classes. I like Defense Against the Dark Arts especially. The new teacher they have is really good; he has a lot of practical lessons, and he jokes around a bit too. His classes are really funny. Then there’s Transfiguration and Charms, both of which I like as well. I don’t care much for Herbology; I guess I don’t have much of a green thumb. Sirius is fantastic at Astronomy; he could already name half of the stars up there and got Gryffindor five points. Oh, I almost forgot, I got five points for Gryffindor too! In Defense Against the Dark Arts, the teacher was just seeing how much we know about different Dark Creatures and so forth in general, and I was able to tell a few things about werewolves; a real surprise there, right?

            Oh, and I don’t think I’m going to be any good at Potions. Professor Slughorn said the potion we were brewing was very simple, but I sure had a hard time with it. And as for Flying Lessons? I don’t think you have a Quidditch player on your hands, Dad.

            Oh, I forgot to tell you about Lily. She’s another Gryffindor in our year, really nice. I think James may like her, but he hasn’t admitted to it yet; Sirius’ is giving him a hard enough time about it already.

            Mum, Dad, you probably want to know what they exactly set up for me here, don’t you? For… that time of the month, you know? Well, I’ll be going to this house, through a passageway. It’s perfectly safe because over the entrance there’s a Whomping—



            Jonathan stopped reading and looked at Lucinda, whose eyes had widened in shock. Jonathan’s did too; it was impossible that something could have gone wrong, but for Remus to trail off with the final word “Whomping” made him feel slightly uneasy. It was so unlike Remus to just stop midway through anything.

            “Jonathan, do you think everything’s alright?”

            Jonathan nodded, clearing his throat. “I’m sure it is, Cindi.” He smiled again nervously at her narrowed brow, as she began to scan the letter again.

            “Anyways, it sounds like he’s having a good time.”

            Lucinda didn’t seem satisfied. “Hanging out with a Black? A dark wizarding family, Jonathan?”

            “The boy’s in Gryffindor, he can’t be that bad.”

            “What does he mean about this James and Sirius boy liking to–” she turned back to the letter, “‘Have fun’?”

            “I’m sure it’s nothing, Cindi.”

            “It better be nothing,” Lucinda agreed, turning to the living room again. “Write him back and tell him to tell us properly about full moons. I’m worrying about him enough as it; I don’t want to be left in the dark about those arrangements.”

            Jonathan nodded; he didn’t want to either.

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