Why Stop for Rocks?

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

Who would stop for rocks?

It was a strange request, as the hike meandered down by the lake, to stop for a moment and drop to the ground, to take a picture of the pebbles. Sure, I took a picture of the lake, too, but I’ve always loved rocks.

Easy to overlook, yes, and maybe not all that impressive… But they also come in so many colors. So much gray, of course, but, if you look more closely… there are so many shades of that gray. And if you look even closer… there are speckles of pink and blue and green scattered throughout.

And with each wave that comes, the scene will change. New rocks. New colors.

At that moment, there were also shells. If I went back today, they would likely be gone.

Life is change. Life is details. Life is finding the color when there doesn’t seem to be any.

So stop for the rocks. You never know what else you might see.

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