The Storm and the Calm

She was like both the storm
And the calm that followed it.

She was the thumping of his heart,
But also the ache that kept him up at night.

She was the smile and the laughter,
But also every tear he cried.

He never knew if he loved her
Or if he was just used to her.

Used to the whirlwind that she brought
And to the peace she allowed, from time to time.

Was that not love? Enduring both?
But, he wondered, was he ever the same for her?

Was he ever her storm and her ache?
Her tears and her chaos?

He didn’t know. He wondered if he ever would.
But he did know that he would never leave her.

She was, after all, like the storm
But also the calm that followed it.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

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