The Rain and the Wind

I wasn’t always like this.

I never used to like the wind–

I used to like the rain.

The two are so different;

Most don’t understand this,

But it’s as true as the sun versus the moon.

Most think they are the same,

The wind and the rain–

Both stormy and angry.

But it’s not true:

The wind is running and the rain is staying.

The wind rushes ahead;

It comes, it goes;

It takes tree branches

And roof shingles

And then leaves us to pick up the pieces.

The rain stays behind,

In puddles and in the soil,

It floods, yes, but it also nourishes.

It stays. It does not run.

Not like the wind.

Nowadays, I prefer the wind.

But I used to like the rain.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

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