Nerdy Time (It’s Been a While)

I realized that I haven’t shared some nerdiness in a while. Between that and some extreme cabin fever–come on, COVID-19, haven’t you held us captive long enough?–I ended up coming across some pictures from the last Cincinnati Comic Con I was able to attend.

Nothing quite captures what it’s like to attend a con like cosplay–particularly when characters from different worlds suddenly converge. These were taken from the top floor of the convention hall (where you can overlook the ENTIRE con and just relish in the nerdiness of it all.) And nothing warms a nerd’s heart like Merlin and Mad Madam Mim posing for a photo with Batman (left), actually finding Waldo and Carmen Sandeigo (center), and the Pines twins chatting with Snow White (right).

Ah, conventions… how I miss thee, and how I can’t wait to enjoy you again.

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