Planning vs. Pantsing

Alright… query letter sent. Check-list for March is done. (Better late than never, right?)

Now to dive into April. Since I have that other manuscript edited, sending off other queries will be much easier.

I’ve also been working on material for the blog, particularly poems and stories. I’ve been making some nice progress on Plugged In, but not so much with I Remember Everything. Plugged In I’d approached like I usually do–as a planner, which means: I made an outline and knew exactly what was going to happen in each chapter.

I Remember Everything… was my attempt at being a “pantser,” aka: Writing by the seat of your pants. There was a certain amount of excitement to that, but I think I’ve learned that “pantsing” is not my style. I have not forgotten that story… I have ideas and I will definitely continue it.

But I’ll have to continue it when I have the time to sit down and plan it. It’s hard to know where Bo and Nash are going when… I literally have no idea where they are going.

But more stories are coming. The weather is warmer and it’s been downright invigorating. Nothing gets the creative mind moving like some time in the sun!

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