Wanderlust: What Happens In….

I don’t know if it’s the pandemic or just the usual blah-ness of March, but I’m getting anxious for travel. So I thought I’d share some travel memories with these kind of mini-reviews of vacation spots.

That’s right… VEGAS!

I am far from an expert on it–we only stayed for one night–but I can say this: If you’re at all curious, give it a visit. We stayed pretty much to the strip and didn’t wander out too far, but the lights and grandeur were impressive, the excitement contagious.

And, even if you’re not much into gambling (like me), there’s still plenty to do. (I think I played on the machines for all of 10 minutes, won maybe $30, and then called it quits. But hey, I can at least say I won in Vegas!)

We spent a lot more time (and had a lot more fun), on the lower floor of the casino we visited. One word: Arcade. And then afterwards, the upper floor. One more word: Buffet.

In short, we might not have filled our Vegas vacation in the usual way, but we still had a good time. And it’s strangely comforting that, even in Sin City, a little bit of innocent fun can be found.

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