Wanderlust: Living in a Book

I don’t know if it’s the pandemic or just the usual blah-ness of March, but I’m getting anxious for travel. So I thought I’d share some travel memories with these kind of mini-reviews of vacation spots.

I don’t know what else I can say about Universal Studio’s Wizarding World that hasn’t already been said. If you grew up with Harry Potter, you will feel like you’ve leapt right into the books. When I was going through different vacation pictures for this “Wanderlust” series, though, I couldn’t resist including them. I mean… there’s a fire-breathing dragon! Where else can you see a fire-breathing dragon?!?

But this post got me wondering…. What other books would be fun to walk through? To experience beyond the pages and imagination, but with real-life sight, and taste, and smell? My first thoughts went to other series…. The Hunger Games? A Series of Unfortunate Events? Percy Jackson?

But then I started wondering about other books. Being a nerd at heart, I wondered what it would be like to walk the streets of Gotham or Metropolis. Or Marvel’s New York.

I’m sure some theme park somewhere has done that… and if they haven’t… please feel free to take my idea! I want to walk down the street and see Spider-Man swinging above me! Or wander through the Bat Cave and take my picture beside the T-Rex! (For those non-comic nerds, yes, Batman has a T-Rex. And yes, it is awesome.)

And then I started to think outside of fandoms. I’m not much of Jane Austen reader, but I have friends who would love to stroll through her books. Or maybe to wander through the streets of Shakespeare’s time. Ooh… or visit Dracula’s castle! Or Dr. Frankenstein’s lab!

The point I’m making is this: Why isn’t there a literary theme park? (I mean, obviously money and copyrights, but besides that boring stuff….) Could you imagine a place where you could visit so many different genres and live through your favorite stories, both old and new?

I don’t think I’d ever leave.

And I know quite a few bookworms who would agree.

In short, to quote the meme: Take my money!

So let’s say such a theme park could exist. What “lands” would you want to be included? What sort of rides or attractions would you line up to experience?

Tell me in the comments! Let’s make Literature Land together!

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