Thank You

Not much to report this week. A lot of writing. A lot of trying to get out of bed early–sometimes making it, sometimes falling back to sleep on the couch. I’ve been tackling to-do lists and projects and planning content for the blog.

But I also wanted to take another moment to say thank you. The support from this blog means more than I can honestly express. I’ve always loved to write, and seeing other people enjoy what I put to paper (or in this case, screen) is… so much to me. It’s validating to see people I don’t know–and who therefore have no reason to like my work other than simply that they like it–view my posts and follow my blog.

But the support goes even beyond that.

When you’re a writer, you put a lot of yourself into your work. And seeing someone read it and maybe even “like” it–whether for entertainment or because it made them think or because they related to it–whatever the reason, the sense that knowing you reached out to someone with your words, your way of looking at the world, and that they responded to it…. it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. It’s not just validation. It’s connection.

Thank you.

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