My Mind

I’ve once been told my mind’s

A very scary place to be.

But I will give you welcome,

And I will leave my key.

Don’t hesitate to enter;

I love the company.

Take a look inside my mind

And see what all I see.

If you take a moment

And look deeper than before,

You surely will find something

That will show you so much more.

It’s something that is hidden

In my mind’s most center core–
But you will want to find it

And open wide its door.

More than trees and butterflies,
Much more than what you view.

Can’t you see that this world

Is not the world you knew?

Yes, there’s something else here,

Something so bizarre and new.

I see a world few others see,

But a world that’s far more true.

Take a look inside my mind,

Perhaps you’ll understand

The things I see, the songs I sing—

Why I am the way I am.

What seems odd and strange to you

Is perfect where I stand.

Don’t turn away, don’t scoff;

Let me take you by the hand.

What do I see? What do I know?

Oh, I know more than you.

I know the thoughts you fear to think,

And I know sorrows few.

I know the beatings of my heart,

And I know all I do.

My mind has eyes, my mind has ears—

I fall into a world so new….

Ships with sails and spaceships

Dance across the skies.

Shooting stars send messages
To eager watchful eyes.

Futuristic images,

Settings from the past

Mingling together

For tales that surely last.

Moonlight streams a forest ground:

Ghosts that fly and wail.

Battles rage across the land,

And heroes never fail.

Lights that crash across the scene–
A band begins to play,

And half a million thoughts ago

Odd creatures roar and run away.

Watchful eyes lurk deep in shadows,

Detectives hunt their passions.

What is in my mind, you ask?

Well, whatever I imagine.

Sarah Davidson 2021

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