As Stars Fall

I actually wrote this waaaay back as a freshman in high school. And I have literally no idea where I got the inspiration for it. It’s a very romantic sort of poem, and as a freshman I was still in my super shy, gawky phase. I tended to write poems based more on characters though–getting in the head of different people in different situations–so I figure that must have been where my muse was that day. I always kind of imagined that this was a precursor to “I Only Wanted Love.” Oh well, it makes sense to share it now, since Valentine’s Day is coming up.

Long red hair through fingers fall

As its partner gently crawls

To give my hand a gentle touch–

This is love, far more than lust.

Let me see, let me hear

The calling from the heavens near.

Why deny what feels so right?

Shall we chase our dreams tonight?

Hold me close, let me sigh–

Searching for love where innocence lies.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

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