Some Good News, Some Bad News… and Some New Conviction

Good news…. after last week, I’ve officially sent a query letter. First time in… wow, probably at least two years.

My resolution to send one each month is off to a decent start.

Bad news…. here lately, I’ve had trouble getting out of bed. Getting the day started. Getting stuff done.

My resolution to become a morning person… that’s a much shakier start.

I’ve spoken about baby steps, but I think maybe I need to stop babying myself. Maybe the problem is that I just need to do it. Just get up when my alarm goes off, no excuses.

Like with the query letter.


I can do this. (I might need to set multiple alarms and have them going off throughout the house to get me out of bed, down the stairs, and to the kitchen to make breakfast…. but, still…. I can do this.)

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