Chickens, Comics, and Sports (Or: Two Out Three Ain’t Bad)

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

My dad raises chickens. I can’t say I’m particularly a fan, but I do enjoy the farm fresh eggs. I was talking with dad just the other day about how children adopt interests of their parents, but also how they find their own hobbies as well. When it comes to my dad, I got his love of comic books; my brother got his love of sports. But, sadly, neither of us inherited his love of taking care of animals. We like animals well enough, but we’re not about to build our own chicken coops.

But that is life, that is raising a child: Some things that you hope for come to be; other things don’t. And while Dad might not have someone who will raise chickens alongside him, he does have a daughter who will talk his ear off about Batman and a son a who will cheer for the home team.

Oh well. Two out of three ain’t bad.

And besides, what matters most is spending time with someone you love. (And yes, that does include going to swap meets and checking on the chickens.)

Love you, Dad!

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