Not much more to update this week–but I am still going in the right direction.

Slowly, but surely, I am becoming more acquainted with the morning. Are there some days where the bed is just too warm and cozy and I remain trapped by the blankets and pillows?

Yes, of course.

But are there also days where, after a bit of grumbling, I do actually get up?

Also yes.

And, for me, that’s pretty significant progress.

I’ve always known that, once I get up, I actually enjoy the early morning hours. It’s still dark and quiet. I can get a nice, full work-out in. And I can watch the sky slowly lighten with a myriad of colors.

I love it.

But, the bad news is, I also love sleep.

But I just have to remember all those things I do truly love about the morning–the best of which is the feeling of accomplishment I get when, before I even go to work, I’ve exercised, cleaned, and written.

I need to focus on that.

And not on the coziness…. The warm, cuddly….

No, focus, Sarah!

I’ve got this. I promise! (I hope.)

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