I Remember Everything: Chapter Four

It’s been a while since I’ve written this story. If you need a refresher, it all starts here.

“Will you quit starin’ at me?”

They’d been driving for almost an hour in total silence. Bo obliged; he figured that, when someone has a gun, you do what they say.

Such as letting them hijack your car. And kidnap you. And…. Bo swallowed. He probably wasn’t going to live through this. He had no idea why Nash had taken him, or where they were going, but he doubted it would come with a happy ending.

But this was Nash… not some hardened criminal. Right? This was someone who had gone to the same high school as Bo, who was only a few years older. Whatever was going on… it didn’t have to end with him in a body bag, right?

Bo cleared his throat. Nash didn’t respond.

“I–“he started, and Nash glared at him. Bo shut his mouth. The road sped by in a blur, the illuminated yellow and white lines speeding by in a hypnotizing pattern.

Bo turned his attention to the window. The stars and the city lights took turns breaking up the night. His thoughts tumbled around, debating whether he should sit quietly and wait for Nash to speak; whether he should try to fight back; whether he should try to talk again; whether he should make a run for it the first time the car started slow.

Some adventure. Just sitting here. Say something you idiot!

Keep quiet. You have no idea what this lunatic is capable of!

Exactly… if you talk to him, you might be able to figure something out.

Sure, talk to the guy who forced you into your car at gunpoint! Better idea, make a run for it. We’ll have to get off the interstate eventually. First red light, book it!

And then what? Where are we? Where will we be then? And he’s got a gun! Not like I can outrun a bullet.

Why would he shoot at me?

Why wouldn’t he shoot at me?!?

You need to get that gun.

How the hell am I supposed to do that?

Fight back!

We’re speeding down the road.

Exactly, he’s distracted. Go for the gun. Go for the wheel! This your car, dammit!

This isn’t an action movie!

Sure, so just talk to him.

That worked out well last time….

Bo wondered if he was going insane. Or was it normal for someone to have an internal argument when they were kidnapped?

The sun was starting to rise; the sky becoming purple and then pink behind them.

We’re heading west.

That was the first thing his inner voices could agree on. They were going west. Not long after, they passed a “Welcome to Indiana!” sign.

Welcome. Yeah right.

The internal argument resumed–talk, fight, stay quiet, run. Talk, fight, stay quiet, run. Talk–

“I’m sorry about this.”

Bo jumped.

Nash glanced at him, snorted, then returned his attention to the road. “You’re skittish.”

“You kidnapped me.”

Bo regretted his choice of words almost immediately. “Kidnapped.” Key word: Kid.

“You abducted me,” he amended.

Nash laughed out loud and then started humming the “Twilight Zone” music. “Abducted. Ha! What am I, some sort of alien now, kid?”

“I’m not that much younger than you.”

“That right?”

“I’m a senior.”

“Oooh.. a senior. So grown up.”

“I remember you, you know. I was a freshman when–“

“Watch how you finish that sentence.”

Touchy subject.

“–when you left.”

Nash grunted and the silence returned. After a few minutes, he asked, “What the hell were you doing out in the middle of the night? I mean, good news for me. I needed a ride.”

“What happened to your other ride?”

Nash didn’t respond, and I wasn’t going to push for an answer.

“You didn’t answer the question,” he replied.

You also didn’t answer mine. But I wasn’t going to argue with the person who had a gun.

“I was planning on leaving.”

“Then I suppose things worked out alright for you.”

Bo had no idea how to even respond to that.

“I mean, apart from the whole gunpoint thing.” Nash swallowed. “I am sorry about that, by the way. Really. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I kinda snapped.”


“So what?”

“So can you take me home, or–?”

“I thought you said you wanted to leave?”

“I did, but–“

“Some adventure. Made it all the way to Indiana.” Nash snorted. “Listen, I’ll drop you off if you want. But I need a ride, so I’m keeping the car.”

“And I’m just supposed to let you steal my car?”

“I’m no thief. Not really.”

Bo had a very valid argument otherwise, but he stayed quiet.

“Listen, I’ve got a lot of work to do, alright? And I need a car. I hitchhiked my way back to that shitty town, and then my friend kinda chickened out when he saw how serious I was. All he agreed to do was take me to the gas station, but he…. well, he wasn’t expecting me to do what I did. I wasn’t expecting me to do what I did.” He released a shaky breath. “My point is… I’ll get the car back to you, if you want it. When I can. But I could also use some help.”

“Help with what?”

Nash stared at the road, jaw clenched. “Collecting interest,” he said at last.



That sounded suspiciously vague. And possibly illegal. But my car….

If Bo just left, he knew that he’d probably never see it again.(No matter what Nash said.)

“If I stay with you, do I get my car back when you’re done?”

“Sure, kid. I just need to get back home, but I’ve got some stops along the way.”

“Collecting interest?”

“That’s right.”

Bo inhaled, thinking. He could very well be getting caught up in some sort of crime spree.

But even if I did… I could just claim I’d been kidnapped and forced into it. Which was true. Who would everyone believe? Me, an average, good kid? Or Nash who is… Nash?

And, in the meantime, Bo realized, he could get his escape. And be able to keep an eye on his car. It wasn’t much, but it was still his, and he’d worked hard to save up the money for it.

“Okay,” Bo said at last. “Where are we going?”


To be continued.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2021

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