Baby Steps

Alright, new year, new opportunities!

I’ve been taking “baby steps” to becoming a morning person. Some days I hit the snooze a million times, and some days, I only hit it a 100,000.

Of course, it doesn’t help that my body decided to not be able to sleep at night. *sigh*

I’ve taken the time to write more. I’ve mostly been working on material for the blog. The last thing I want is to have a day when a story or poem is needed and find that… woops, I’m out of stories and poems.

I haven’t had much time for query letters or manuscripts yet.

Like I said, I’m focusing on making sure I don’t run of out of blog material.

But, hopefully, as I continue to make progress on my #1 Resolution (becoming a morning person), I’ll also start to tackle those goals, too.

It’s all about baby steps. And, so far… so good.

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