Let’s Talk Goals

Alright, here they are: My resolutions for 2021:

(1) Actually become a morning person. (Yeah, I know that was a goal for this year. No, I did not accomplish it.)

(2) Keep my blog updated. (Which will be easier if I become a morning person, and therein, have more time to write.)

(3) Actually finish editing a manuscript. (… also easier if I have more time… such as in the morning.)

(4) Send out at least 1 query letter every month. (Hmm… I wonder when I could get that done… maybe… in the morning?!?)

(5) Finish and/or write another manuscript. (What do you know… something else I can do in the morning!)

I’m sure you’re seeing a trend here. It’s the same assessment I gave myself back when I started this blog: I need more hours in the day and the only way to do that is by starting the day earlier.

Easier said than done. I’m basically Garfield in the morning.

But so many of my goals come back to that very first one. (And, no, I can’t really stay up later… I do have a job with relatively normal hours, and I prefer not being a zombie during the work day.)

So there it is. The simple truth: I must begin my transformation into a morning person. (I wonder if there’s some “comic book” way to do that. Bruce Banner got doused in gamma rays to become the hulk, maybe I can get doused in radioactive coffee?)

Probably not. I’ll have to actually *work* at at.

Wish me luck, all. (I’m going to need it.)

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