What I Learned from NaNoWriMo

Happy December, everyone!

As… completely insane as 2020 has been… at least it’s also been fast. I knock on wood after saying that because, knowing this year, maybe the world will fall into a black hole and start repeating over and over for all eternity….


Maybe I shouldn’t give the year any ideas…. Or maybe I read too many sci-fi novels.

Either way…

*Knocks on all of the wood*

Anyways, the year has had some good moments. I’ve had a lot more time to read and write–even if if the latter didn’t quite equal victory during NaNoWriMo.

But I did learn quite a bit last month, namely: I really liked the new schedule.

Publishing Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday really make sense going forward. If I’m totally honest, my posts on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday weren’t always written because I had something to say; they were written because I had a schedule.

And that’s not how good writing happens.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I’ll never write something a bit more “column”-like: posts focused on nerdiness, the writing process, the joys of reading, or even current events.

But instead of those topics being part of a weekly schedule, I’ll only write them when I truly have inspiration.

The views on my blog remained pretty consistent, despite me publishing less content. And I think the reason why is because the content was more genuine.

A four-day schedule rather than a seven-day one means that I’ll have more time to write: Not only those stories that I hope to one day be published, but also the stories that I started here on this blog. I’ll have more time to dabble in poetry. I’ll have more time for perfecting query letters and sending them to agents–you know… once I actually get the courage to do that.

All in all, I think this will be a nice balance, and I’m excited for what the future will hold.

But, first thing’s first. It’s December. And I couldn’t write a post without saying a full-hearted: Merry Christmas! (Or happy holidays!)

Whatever you celebrate, I hope this month is full of happiness. So many years in the past, we like to add a bit of conflict to the holidays. (Whether it’s a “War on Christmas” or debating if “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is inappropriate.) But maybe this year, we can put all those differences aside and all celebrate, together, the same shining, simple hope: That the future will be brighter and safer.

Happy December, everyone. Lots of love!

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