Outsider’s Circus

Welcome to the Outsider’s Show–

Today we’ll be looking in.

The seats are filling quickly

And the show’s ’bout to begin.

Hurry, hurry–there’s hardly room–

And what a shame to miss

Comedy, tragedy, and romance–

A laugh, a tear a kiss.

Welcome to the Outsider’s Show–

This performance will be our best!

Please allow me to introduce

Our own star-shining cast.

They perform for every crowd–

To hoots, to cheers, to haws–

They wear a mask so easily

And work for your applause.

First, we have the Pleaser–

She’ll never do you wrong.

Bending and curving to your will–

Her backbone’s not so strong.

Now put your hands together

For our very funniest Clown–

He’ll have you rolling ‘cross the floor

While he carefully hides his frown.

Next we have the Knower–

She’s never without her facts,

For she’s always speaking clearly

So her confidence doesn’t lack.

And next–our oldest act–the Jeer;

He always has a smirk.

He comes armed with snide remarks–

He’s also called the Jerk.

So now you’ve met our actors,

Exactly as they came.

You see them very clearly–

Yes, you can see their game.

Their costumes are so crafty

Because they never know

That we are always watching

Here at the Outsider’s Show.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2020

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