The Super-Spy Mountain

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2020

While on a southwest road trip, we came across Humphreys Peak–the highest peak in Arizona. As beautiful as it was, what I remember most about the mountain is that, no matter where we went, the mountain always seemed to be there. No matter how long we drove, it always seemed to be in sight. We began to laugh about it, began to joke and imagine the mountain like some sort of cartoonish spy, complete with fedora and shades. My brother even joked, “We’re gonna get home, and see it in our backyard!”

Of course, we knew it was all a matter of perspective–the mountain was so tall that, of course, we would stay within its range for a long, long time. But it was more fun to imagine that it was following us, and even better to leave that portion of the trip with a new family inside joke.

Often, the memories we make aren’t the ones we expect. We went out west expecting majesty and awe–and yes, we certainly found those. We didn’t expect to find a super-spy mountain… but somehow, we got that, too. And the laughs we shared are just as priceless as the beautiful vista.

So thank you, Humphreys Peak.

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