Standing Alone

Kind of a depressing poem that I wrote waaaay back in high school. I must have been having a bad day–writing a downer of a poem is a great way to process complicated feelings. But, considering the nature of the poem, I want to add: If you are dealing with something, get help. You are not alone. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is: 800-273-8255. The world can be a terrible place, but I promise, it’s less terrible with you in it.

You’re walking ‘cross a thin rope;

You’re hoping to survive,

But no one gave a promise

To this life that we’re assigned.

You’re standing on a bridge;

The wind is lashing at your face,

And I wonder what has happened

To lead you to this place.

Do you finally feel alive

After years of being dead?

And is your thumping heart

Solace for the lies he said?

Do you plan to be reborn

In the ashes of the waves,

Or are you simply frightened

Of all you could not save?

You ignore the quiet voice

That whispers in your ear.

You tightly clench your fists

Against the very things you fear.

The time is ticking with the storm;

You hold your breath and wait

Anticipation coats your veins–

You hesitate, but it’s too late.

The choice is made, the deal is done,

The ink has finally dried.

Open your eyes and feel the rush–

It’s time you said goodbye.

And I wonder if the fall

Will shake you form this dream,

And in your eyes, I can see

You are wondering the same thing.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2020

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