Lost in D.C. and a Random Act of Kindness

For most of this month, I’m concentrating on all things spooky. But during “A Look Back, a Look Ahead,” I wanted to concentrate on another part of autumn: Togetherness. We come together for Trick or Treat and parties; we come together for apple-picking and pumpkin carving; we come together to sip warm apple cider while huddled around an even warmer fire. I wrote a while ago about about the impact kindness can have, and between everyone being tired of the pandemic and the current political environment (gotta love election years, right?), I thought it would be nice to set aside one day a week to focus on acts of kindness.

A Kindness Memory

With the election coming up, I thought it would be nice to share something that happened in Washington, D.C. but HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS. (Crazy, right?) This act of kindness was very simple: Four college students trying to find the White House got lost in downtown D.C. at night. After being stared down by a rather frightening bouncer outside a club and then finding our way to a rather desolate section of the city, we eventually made our way back among crowds. We looked clearly lost and out of place–Three fourths of us had flannel shirts, and the other one was me: At 4’11”, I’m not exactly intimidating and I tend to wear my emotions on my face. Most people walked on by, ready to get home for the evening. But one couple came to us. “Are you lost?” she asked. “We’re trying to find the White House,” we replied. She smiled and pointed us toward the right street and then gave us detailed directions on how to get there. We found our way, got a few good pictures of the President’s humble abode, and then made our way back to where we were staying. A night that could have been dangerous–or in the very least disappointing–was turned around by the helpful hand of a friendly stranger.

Kindness Challenge of the Day

Help someone who is lost: Whether that means literally providing directions, or just being a listening ear to someone who is feeling uncertain.

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