Aliens, and Heroes, and Zombies… Oh My!

3) DC’s Blackest Night


The Black Lanterns are death incarnate–and they’re coming for everything. Can Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps stand in their way? And what about Earth’s other heroes–many of whom have been touched by death themselves. What happens when the Black Lantern takes over those heroes? Does Hal Jordan have enough willpower (and Barry Allen Flash enough hope) to fight–and save–these friends-turned-zombies?

From “Blackest Night”

Creepy Quote

“Death takes us all. And the universe will finally be at peace.”

Similar Books

Night of the Living Deadpool (If you want zombies, but with Deadpool.) Final Crisis (A confusing book, and not one of my favorite comics–but the end of it has a direct correlation with this story arc. I won’t say specifics because… spoilers.) Green Arrow, Vol. 1: Quiver (Ties into themes of life, death, and resurrection, but with a more supernatural element.)


Johns, Geoff. Blackest Night. New York. DC Comics. 2010

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