Mini Golf and a Random Act of Kindness

For most of this month, I’m concentrating on all things spooky. But during “A Look Back, a Look Ahead,” I wanted to concentrate on another part of autumn: Togetherness. We come together for Trick or Treat and parties; we come together for apple-picking and pumpkin carving; we come together to sip warm apple cider while huddled around an even warmer fire. I wrote a while ago about about the impact kindness can have, and between everyone being tired of the pandemic and the current political environment (gotta love election years, right?), I thought it would be nice to set aside one day a week to focus on acts of kindness.

A Kindness Memory

I’m dreaming of vacations again, so today’s Random Act of Kindness is from a trip to Gatlinburg. I was probably about middle school age, which would have put my brother in early elementary school. Now, one thing we always do in Gatlinburg is play as much mini golf as humanly possible. On this day, we’d decided to try out a new course–it was a part of a “fun complex” and themed with safari animals. (So, you know… pretty much as touristy and fun as you can get.) We had just finished a game (with my father, winning, of course), and were dropping off our putters when a man came up to us. “Are you going to be staying here for a while?” he asked. An odd question, but my dad was like, “Yeah, this is our first day of vacation.” “Great!” he said, and handed us tickets–LOTS OF TICKETS–for all the other attractions at the park. “This is our last day and we haven’t used these up. Have fun!” My dad offered to pay him for the tickets, but the man wouldn’t accept. He simply wanted to see another family have some fun. And boy, did we! Bumper boats, arcades, go-carts, and yes… even more mini golf!

Kindness Challenge of the Day

Give someone a happy surprise. It doesn’t have to be tickets to fun and adventure. It can be something as simple as an unexpected compliment.

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