You Can’t Outrun Misery….

What makes a comic scary? As I start this countdown, I looked over the many (and I mean MANY) graphic novels I’ve read. Some of them were exciting, and there were even a few that were disturbing… but which comics really best fit with Halloween themes? In the end, I decided that a scary comic had either one, or both, of two criteria: (1) Unsettling imagery, and (2) A story that leaves you with chills.

So, here we go: The Top 4 Scariest Comics I’ve Read, starting with….

4) Doctor Strange, Vol. 4: Mr. Misery


“Mr. Misery” is the result of Dr. Stephen Strange’s attempt to circumvent the “price” that comes with using magic. A monster literally made out of suffering, he is nothing short of a nightmare on paper. The creepy levels of this comic are off the chart!

Creepy Quote:

“Misery loves you too, Doctor.”

Similar Books:

Doctor Strange Vols. 1-3 (These stories lead up to the above volume and also have some creepy imagery.) Marvel 1602 (Also includes Doctor Strange as a major character. Though “creep factor” isn’t a driving force in this story, it’s still there and when it is, the imagery is more intense.)


Aaron, Jason. Doctor Strange: Mr. Misery. New York. Marvel Comics, 2017.

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