It’s the Spook-Spookiest Season of All

Happy October, everyone! It’s that scary time of year… and I LOVE it. Ghost stories, chilly nights, the moon hiding behind autumn leaves…. *happy sigh* This is my very favorite season.

Which means that my blog is definitely going to get in on the creepy fun. Here is my plan for October:

Photos and Musings: Each photograph will represent a different fear/phobia. (The first one, yesterday, was oddly depressing…. I’m hoping for more creepy-cool vibes going forward. But I couldn’t resist using that photograph; I was always proud of it.)

Thoughts from an Unashamed Nerd: I’m counting down the top four scariest comics I’ve ever read. (Why the top four? Easy–because there are four Sundays in October.)

My Life as a Writing Reader (Or a Reading Writer?): The top four scariest books I’ve ever read!

My other posts will stay pretty much the same: Be on the look-out for more Forthcoming and I Remember Everything! Though I may drift towards a spooky story or poem if an idea strikes….

Happy fall, everyone! Here’s hoping that your month is full of pumpkin spice, apple cider, and just the right amount of spooks.

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