Gentle Stares

Another throwback to my college poetry class. The assignment was to write a poem based around a piece of art. I chose Picasso’s Lovers.

If all the people of the world

Were like Picasso’s Lovers

Then perhaps we all could know

Such passion in another.

Perhaps all eyes would be resigned

To gaze sweetly forever.                           

Perhaps all fingers would caress

With touches always gentle.

But all “Perhaps-es” in the world

Will never once compare

With the happy couple frozen

In thick paint and careful color:

Her green cloth and his red coat

Will never dim or fade,

Unlike the passion I have known

And sadly kissed goodbye.

For they can stay forever,

Ignorant of changing toil

While I, alone, can only moan

For just an ounce of what they show.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2020

Check out the painting here!

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