Rainbow Batman and Super-Mullets: Strange Superhero Fashion

Comic books have been around for decades–in that time, a lot has changed. You can see how the writing styles became more serious and complex, and how the stories began to tackle larger issues than just “good guy beats bad guy.”

But today, I don’t want to talk about any of that.

I want to talk about superhero style: the yesteryear fashions and hairstyles that have us rolling our eyes and snorting.

Let’s take a journey with….

5 of the Strangest Superhero Fashion Choices

(5) Robin’s Short Pants

I don’t think I need to say anything here. I’m just really glad Robin has actual pants these days.

(4) Tim Drake’s Electrocution Hair

Ah, the ’90s. You really didn’t know what you were doing style-wise, did you? Not long ago, I was reading a comic when Tim’s hair stopped me cold. I laughed out loud and snapped a picture.

(3) Batman of Zur-En-Arrh

I get that Grant Morrison was trying to tie in Batman stories from the ’50s (which were particularly odd since they were trying to add sci-fi elements to revitalize the then-at-risk-for-cancellation Batman comics), but there is just something about Batman in red, yellow, and purple that doesn’t work. He looks more like a fast food mascot than the Dark Knight.

(2) Disco Nightwing

Dick Grayson… how did you manage to end up on this list twice? First as Robin, and now as Nightwing. Your first costume as a solo act was… bold, to say the least. What makes it even funnier is the bravado with which you introduce yourself: “Are you people ready? Say hello to Nightwing!” The good news… your costume did become more subtle in later years.

(1) Super-Mullet

I don’t know what part of “mild-mannered reporter” says mullett, but in the ’90s… that’s apparently what DC though Superman needed. Watch out ladies, here comes Super-Fabio…..

There you have it: Five of the craziest superhero styles that I’ve come across. I know there are tons more–comics are nice little time capsules of culture–but I tried to keep this list to what I’ve actually come across myself while reading.

Have you read comics with other bizarre super-fashion? Share them in the comments! We all need laughs nowadays… and I’ve heard tell of Thor in a crop top????


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