I Miss High-Fives (and 19 Other Things I’ll Appreciate Even More After 2020)

Last week, I made a list of the 20 things I discussed how “bogged down” 2020 can feel; so to lighten that feeling, I reminded myself of all the things I was still able to do. This week, I thought I would take some time to make a list of things that I miss, things that I realize now might have been taken for granted, and things that I will feel blessed to again have as a part of my life. (I’m also going to knock on a lot of wood; I’m not writing this list to jinx anything, I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate those things that maybe I didn’t appreciate enough prior to this year.)

Last week’s list helped to put life in perspective, but this week’s list is more like a reminder in optimism: If history has taught us anything, it’s that hard times don’t last. *knocking on even more wood* So let’s take a look at what isn’t a part of our lives right now and remember, when they come back, to appreciate them all the more.

20 Things We’ll Appreciate More

(20) Hanging out with friends. Skype has been a great tool and solid substitute, but it will be nice to actually be with people again. Bring on the movie marathons! The epic game nights!

(19) Hugs and high-fives. I’ve never realized before that my knee-jerk reaction for a job well-done is a high-five. And air high-fives just aren’t the same….

(18) Going out to eat.

This delectable dish came from Bubba Gump’s in Gatlinburg.

(17) Vacations and day trips.

St. Augustine, last year.

(16) Not thinking about germs 24/7. When was the last time I sanitized? Did I already wipe my phone down today? Should I do it again? I will not miss these incessant thoughts.

(15) Nerdy Camaraderie. This year, the Cincinnati Comic Expo was cancelled…. This massive event is a veritable “nerdvana” of fun that I’ve attended for the last several years. While I always have fun, I’ll relish it even more next year.

Cincy Comic Expo. Any other Blue Beetle fans out there?

(14) Theme Parks. *sigh* I miss roller coasters….

Universal Studios, last year. I was the only one brave enough to tackle this coaster! Now just going out takes a different kind of bravery.

(13) Trying on clothes rather than just guessing if they’ll fit.

(12) Going to the movies. There’s just something magical about being at a movie theater, especially if its with other fans. The last movie we saw before the pandemic was My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. Many moviegoers came dressed in costume. Everyone laughed at the same time, cheered at the same time. You just can’t get that sense of togetherness from streaming.

(11) Sending food to a friend who is sick or who has lost a loved one. This is a big tradition out here in the country. But, right now, with everyone worried about sharing germs, the best we can do are fast food gift cards or pre-made treats from the store–neither of which have as much love as your family’s famous homemade lasagna.

(10) Programming. As a librarian, I miss being able to do programs. In the past, my library has held “comic cons,” murder mystery parties, and has even featured live animals. We all miss seeing our patrons have fun!

(9) Flea markets. Buying things previously owned by someone else and touched by who-knows how many people before you purchase it? Yeah… that’s not a thing we’re doing right now. And that means countless treasures are being left undiscovered.

Found this “blast from the past” at a flea market last March. Obviously, this March was spent a little differently.

(8) Trying new things. Let’s face it… you can only be so adventurous at home.

A couple months before the quarantine, my husband and I tried a local Japanese restaurant. I’m eagerly awaiting the next adventure–culinary or otherwise.

(7) Being spontaneous. This goes hand-in-hand with the last one. But I miss waking up one day and doing something completely random. Last year, for instance, my family and I visited the Mothman Museum.

The Mothman Museum. A weird little treasure we have here in Ohio.

(6) Buying brands that you want–especially with toilet paper and paper towels–rather than just what’s available.

(5) Visiting family and friends in nursing homes and hospitals.

(4) Having a choice of hand sanitizer. I miss the scent of “tangerine dream”… though I’m getting used to “assault-your-nose alcohol.”

(3) Sporting events. I don’t even like sports, but I do miss seeing my dad and brother get excited about going to games.

(2) Any type of gathering. I already discussed the Comic Expo, but there are tons of other ways to get together and share in a sense of community: Festivals, fairs, graduations, weddings, Proms, birthday parties. Like everyone else, I miss these… a lot.

(1) Smiles. Masks are playing an important role right now, but I’ll be happy to see smiles again (and to smile back, too!)

The phrase “new normal,” has become prevalent, but remember this: Today is not normal. If you want to see normal, look back to the past or think ahead to the future.

Stay positive. Sending lots of love to everyone!

Is there something you’re looking forward to doing in the future? Share in the comments!

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