Let’s Talk About

Let’s talk about love and hate,

And why the world is round.

Let’s talk about life and death,

And everything we’ve found:

Every waterfall discovered,

Every reached high mountain peak.

Let’s talk of what was lost and found,

Of what was strong, and what was weak.

Let’s talk about the wars gone by

And fighting that is new.

Let’s talk about the empty hearts

Of the many and the few.

Let’s talk about the passion

That seemed to disappear.

Why so little is imagined,

And so much more is feared.

Let’s talk about the past,

And the future soon to come.

Why history repeats itself

And all is said and all is done.

Let’s talk about the mysteries

Of what we did and when.

Why humans seek, and minds still reel,

The thoughts we share, and how we feel.

Let’s talk about what’s charted,

And the world that’s been mapped out.

Let’s talk about discoveries

And what thinking’s all about.

The who’s, the why’s, the where’s, the how’s

Are a mystery to me.

They say the world is closing in,

And yet, how can that be?

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2020

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