It’s a Good Time to Be a DC Fan

A couple weeks ago, the teaser trailer dropped for The Batman (starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves). It wowed audiences and pretty much shut-up anyone who thought the former Twilight star couldn’t pull of a dark Batman. It was edgy and engaging… and is just one element of an onslaught of memes celebrating all of the many, MANY DC movies on the horizon.

From DC Universe Rocks My World (Facebook page)

Ah yes… it truly is a wonderful time to be a DC fan. While I’m particularly excited about The Batman (mostly because the antagonist is going to be my favorite Batman baddie, the Riddler!), here are a few other projects that have fans talking:

(1) Wonder Woman 1984

This film was originally supposed to come out in June, but… you know, COVID-19. It’s now set to premiere on Oct. 2. (Fingers crossed!) The first Wonder Woman movie was a record-breaker, making the most of any movie ever directed by a woman. Full of empowerment simply because Wonder Woman is a force with whom to be reckoned–as strong as she is compassionate, as much diplomat as she is warrior. Wonder Woman was a clear favorite among other recent DC properties. (Man of Steel had its haters; Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was divisive in the fan community; and Suicide Squad just seemed lackluster and typical.) Needless to say, Wonder Woman’s sequel has been highly anticipated, especially since it will include one of her most iconic villains, The Cheetah.

(2) Justice League Snyder cut

Unlike most people, I didn’t hate the Justice League film that was released in 2017. In fact… I kind of liked it. (*hides from the tomatoes being thrown*) I know, objectively, it’s not technically that good of a film. There are plethora or problems, but… I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel the world mourning Superman during the opening segment; or that I enjoyed the interactions among all the League members; or even that I wasn’t excited throughout the climax. Still… this movie was a production nightmare. Switching directors from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon halfway through, fans were certain that Snyder had more of his original vision filmed and that the result would be a far more engaging and complex story. Well… three years later (and endless cries of “Release the Snyder cut!” on social media), we’re finally getting Snyder’s version. With original actors returning to film, the cut will reportedly be four hours long–released in four, one-hour parts on HBO Max. Reportedly, this will be a film with a lot for comic fans to enjoy, including Black Suit Superman, an appearance from Darkseid, and more background set-up with the Flash and Cyborg. In short… this is going to be a passion project and magnum opus of a superhero film…. and all of us fans can’t wait!

(3) Suicide Squad 2

Like I said before… the first Suicide Squad movie was pretty lackluster. It felt like every other superhero/action movie, complete with a big shiny portal/hole in the sky. The teaser trailer for the new one just released and, as director/writer James Gunn says in it: “It’s gonna be different from any superhero movie ever made.” If the name James Gunn sounds familiar, it should: Gunn gave us the wildly popular and unique Guardians of the Galaxy. I’ve never been a particular fan of the Suicide Squad, but the teaser–which promised action alongside something new and exciting–has me pumped and ready for this movie!

Sounds like plenty of excitement, right? No need for any more?

WRONG! Those are only three of the DC projects in the works–just the three that are getting the most attention right now. Also in the works: An untitled Black Adam movie, a sequel to Shazam! (which has me particularly excited; Shazam is one of my favorite superheroes!); a Flash movie which will introduce the multiverse, and also, reportedly, include appearances by Ben Affleck’s Batman AND Michael Keaton’s Batman; Aquaman 2; and the video game Gotham Knights.

All of that… and, honestly, I’m probably forgetting something. Or somethings.

With the way 2020 has been, we all need a reminder now and again of some good news. DC fans have gotten a WHOLE LOT OF IT here recently. I haven’t been following Marvel as closely, but I hope all of you Marvel fans have fun stories on the horizon, too. And if you’re not a comic fan… then I hope whatever fandom you love has some awesome projects coming, too.

Whatever you love, let’s all love it and “nerd-out” together!

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