What No One is Saying About Masks

Alright… everyone has an opinion about masks. Today’s not about that.

We’ve all been wearing them for about five months now, and while there has been endless discussion and debate and everything else, there are a few things that no one is really talking about. And that’s a shame.

But today, I’m going to talk about what no one else is! Let’s get started:

(1) Fashion statement!

Love sharing who you are with your clothes? Of course you do! I have seen masks that have as much style as a bohemian dress or a t-shirt with a favorite sports team. People are decorating them in a million different ways, or choosing them from countless styles. Love dogs? Cute puppy mask! Wanna be a fashionista? Color coordinate with your outfit and jewelry! The creativity is astounding. Say who you are loud and proud!

(2) Men Can Now Understand Us, Ladies! (At least a little, tiny bit)

Alright gals… we all know how it feels when we finally take our bra off at the end of the day. That feeling of restriction evaporates and we can finally relax. I saw a meme the other day that said masks are the new bras… and guess what that means? Guys can now understand how we feel! (At least in that aspect… now if only we could get them to understand “Aunt Erma,” right?)

(3) You feel like a superhero!

I know what you’re thinking… Superheroes wear masks over their eyes. Wrong! Check out these heroes who were trendsetters and didn’t even know it!

(4) No make-up!

I’ve not worn any make-up since March. My skin feels amazing, and I feel amazing. Make-up isn’t essential for beauty–just our gorgeous positivity.

(5) Incognito!

See someone in the grocery store that you don’t want to talk to? Well, the odds of them recognizing you from a distance and waving you over have significantly DECREASED! Just duck down an aisle and go, go, go!

Listen, all humor aside (though, to be honest, I actually do really like all those mask advantages), I’ve always been one to look on the bright side. Complaining is easy. Being angry is easy. Arguing is easy.

You know what’s difficult? Being positive. I often say you can laugh or cry, but if 2020 has taught me anything, I think the phrase should be amended: You can laugh, you can cry, or you can shout.

For me, personally, I’ve always preferred laughter. I feel better and I’ve noticed the people around me tend to feel better, too.

We have a lot of reasons to feel terrible this year. I’d rather do something that helps to alleviate all of that rather than add to it.

So I hope this list gave you a smile, or maybe helped you look at masks a little bit differently. No one’s having much fun wearing them, but if you can maybe feel like a superhero or snidely tell your husband, “Welcome to my world,” then maybe we can have a few more smiles than groans.

Stay positive, people. We’ll get through this together. Lots of love!

One thought on “What No One is Saying About Masks

  1. Love your piece about masks! I didn’t notice that you were makeup- less! I haven’t been wearing any either! Ha! I didn’t know about the lower face masked super heroes! Good point! And since we all must social distance, I have found it wonderful not to be recognized by folks in the super market on those few occasions when I go! Thank you for writing and sharing! 😇👍

    Liked by 1 person

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