One Bite at a Time (Or: Advice from my Mom)

A little late today getting to my blog, but it’s been a long week. Of course, some weeks are like that, and all you can do is move forward and carry on.

So here I am, with this week’s Publishing Journey update. It might be a quick update, but that’s mostly because I have a lot of work to do. This Sunday marks the beginning of my new 7-days/week publishing schedule.

That means I’ve been planning and writing. (And I even managed to squeeze in a bit of time to do some outlining for a new novel!)

This week, I also added Word-Maleerie to Twitter. So give me a follow for blog posts as they happen, as well as sneak peeks and general fun.

Also this week, I’ve been working on two upcoming stories in Salt, a local magazine. I’ve been writing for this publication for… wow, probably seven years now? (Hmm… which cliche to use: “Time goes too fast?” “I feel old?” Both equally apply.)

Salt‘s past issue included two stories I’d written, one all about the Champion Trees program and another about an area bakery with a baseball theme. They were a ton of fun to write. Give them a read, or if they’re not your thing, then still try to check out Salt magazine. It’s a lifestyle publication full of feel-good stories (and we all need more of that right now, am I right?)

All in all, this has been a very busy week, and, with my new publishing schedule, I expect next week’s going to be just as full.

But that’s good news. Better busy than bored, right?

As my mom always told me: “Just take it one bite at time.”

My first bite? Finish my stories for Salt magazine. Second bite: Write my very first nerdy post, set to publish on Sunday! (Hint: It’s going to be pretty… “super….

Onward and upward! (Wait no… I should keep on them…)

Up, up, and away!

Salt Magazine:

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