One Step Forward

This week was significantly more productive than last week. (Which isn’t saying much considering that last week’s progress was nil… but, eh, take your victories where you can.)

I mostly focused on coming up with content for Word-Maleerie. I didn’t do much work on major writing projects, but getting some content planned/scheduled for this blog will open up more writing time later.

I’ve also been examining my stats here. It seems like my Wednesday “blogs” are the least popular. (Which in a weird way is good news… it’s my creative writing that I really care about.) I also know that on the weekend, when I don’t post at all, my views are nonexistent.

That’s not going to help me get noticed by a publisher. Which leads to the question: Should I write more often?

But here comes the tricky part. I also work a full-time job. And I’m a wife with a house to keep up. And I also do some freelance writing on the side. Plus, believe it or not… I actually do like hanging out with friends and family.

So the question becomes: Do I sacrifice something? Or do I rework my blog?

I’m a proponent of not sacrificing anything that makes you happy. And everything I just listed–it all makes me happy.

Which means it’s time for a rework.

Word-Maleerie is a baby in the world of blogging. It’s going to change until I find just the right way of doing it.

My stories and poems are the most popular (THANK YOU for all the support!), but I sadly know that I can’t realistically pump out stories and poems multiple times a week. So I think it’s safe to say that I’ll keep the blogs on the schedule.

But I’m going to change how I approach them.

Like I explained before, this blog has two main functions: (1) Beef up my resume for prospective publishers/agents; and (2) Make me seem like a real person, not just a name on a query letter.

Part of making me seem like a real person will mean showing different sides of my personality, which I’ve done.

But I don’t think I’ve done it the best that I can. My Wednesday blogs are completely random. Why tune in if you don’t know what you’re going to get?

So I’m going to start having specific themes on certain days, themes that reflect a facet of who I am. (Write what you know, right?)

So here is the new schedule, starting next week, Sunday Aug. 9 (Just because I’ll need a little bit of planning time….)

Sunday: Thoughts from an Unashamed Nerd (Blog posts focused on comics and other popular culture… but probably lots of comics. Shout-out to my nerd-peeps!)

Monday: Stories (Creative writing–short stories, plays, and the continuation of the novel-length Forthcoming)

Tuesday: Poetry (This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but I may open it up to poetry challenges. Give me a topic, a poetry style, or a word that I must use in a poem.)

Wednesday: My Life as a Writing Reader (Or a Reading Writer?) (Blog posts that are all about writing–from the process, to an analysis of character types–and reading–from book reviews to funny librarian anecdotes)

Thursday: Photographs and Musings (Photographs accompanied by quick little writing snippets)

Friday: Publishing Journey Update (Blog post that focuses on where I am on my goal to becoming a published author)

Saturday: A Look Back, a Look Ahead (Blog posts that will focus more on opinions or contemplations. This will be more like a column you might find in a newspaper.)

Here’s hoping everyone enjoys the new format. A big thank you to everyone who has liked, subscribed, and commented so far! Now let’s dive into this full-week format… wish me luck!

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