The Lady on Main Street

Another poem from my college poetry class. This is a terza rima, which is a series of triplets wherein the first and third lines rhyme, and then the second line starts the rhyme scheme for the next stanza. (In short: aba bcb cdc.) This poem was based on a decrepit theater in my hometown. At the time, the city was attempting to get investors interested in refurbishing it to its former gory. Sadly, no one volunteered and theater was demolished.

The Ascher Theater sat completely still

On Main Street, like a crumpled old woman

In an evening gown with a stubborn will.

Stubborn, choosing to sit though everyone

Walked idly by, ignoring her dress, jewels,

And make-up–which was beginning to run.

No one saw her dying beauty–the fools!

The ruthless sun warmed them, but faded her

Until she became as pale as a ghoul.

And though no one glanced at her, she was sure

That they must remember when they had played;

After all, the shows persisted for her.

But now, fifty years vacant, she remained

As dust crept under her long fingernails

And her evening gown began to look frayed.

And so, at night she would openly wail–

A widow waiting for notice again,

Even as she–and her heart–became frail.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2020

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