Sometimes You Win…

And sometimes you lose.

Well, not lose so much as choose other things (reading, napping, Netflix… reading….) over writing.

And that’s how this week was. My goal to work on a writing project at least two days this week… Well…

I can say, however, that I finished three books. I allowed myself to relax after particularly stressful days. And I discovered a new show on Netflix.

While it’s important to have goals, it’s also important to not let those goals become shackles. They’re supposed to lift you up, not weigh you down.

So I’ll count this week as time well-spent in other areas of my life. And look ahead that next week will be more productive.

My goal for next week: Spend at least 2 days working on a larger writing project.

Same goal as last week, but ready to be tackled with renewed enthusiasm.

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