Tiptoe on the Stars

Stars are fragile things--
Handle them with care.
If you're ever in the sky
Step lightly in the air.
Become weightless like a song
On a lonely, humid day,
And tiptoe 'cross the stars
As you walk along the Way.

Understand that stars
Are sentimental things:
Watching years go quickly by,
Hearing Sadness when she sings.
Stars have to watch above us--
The good, the bad, the bold,
Things we share, and things we hide,
Lies we tell, and truths we hold.

But despite their guidance
They feel they could help more,
But they're stuck above us
With their tricky chore.
So keep in mind this lesson
When walking in the air:
The more that you can see
The more that you will care.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2020

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