Progress! (And Some Changes)

This week’s publishing journey came with some real progress.

I tried something new on Monday… publishing a poem to my blog. I selected a poem from college that I’d always been proud of. However, I’ve never thought of myself as much of a poet. As such, I figured it would be overlooked… but to my surprise I actually had a really positive reaction: Likes and more subscribers. (Thank you!)

I’ll plan on posting more poetry, and that made me wonder about my publishing schedule. Currently, I update this website on Mondays (Creative Writing), Wednesdays (Blogs), and Fridays (Publishing Journey Update). But I think it might be kind of fun to add poetry to the mix.

Of course, then that made me think about how I’d be publishing 4 out of 5 weekdays, and… well… 5 days out of 5 just sounds better, doesn’t it? I don’t know whether I’m being a perfectionist or a glutton for punishment… but Word-Maleerie coming to you every weekday!

But what to do on Thursdays? Well, since one of my college past times had such nice feedback, I figure I might as well try another: Photography. I’ll post a photograph with a short description–could be straightforward, could be abstract–or maybe even a quote that I attribute to the picture.

So my new schedule will be: Monday (Creative Writing), Tuesdays (Poetry), Wednesdays (Blogs), Thursdays (Photography), and Fridays (Publishing Journey).

I’m excited to try this new schedule. Another big thank you for the positive feedback with Monday’s poem.

Another bit of progress is that I was able to work on a bigger writing project this week. (I actually did wake up a bit earlier… still not a morning person–like I said I was aiming for during last Friday’s update–but, you know, baby steps.) And I was able to get 1,300 words written that I didn’t immediately hate. (Take that, Writer’s Block!)

So my goals for next week: (1) New publishing schedule here on Word-Maleerie; (2) Work on a bigger writing project at least 2 days next week.

See you next Friday for a new update!

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