Next Step: Become a Morning Person

This week was surprisingly productive. I gained lots of new followers/subscribers here and on Word-Maleerie’s Facebook page. (Shout-out to everyone who responded to my invites–a huge, HUGE thank you!) I also published my “Open Letter to 2020” in the local newspaper. (Shout-out to The Times-Gazette! THANK YOU for running my column!) I heard that my column even ran in the next county’s local newspaper, The Wilmington News Journal, so another shout-out and thank you!

This week, it felt great to be writing again and to have people reading what I wrote. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m making headway on the dream I’ve had since I was in the fourth grade.

Next goal: Write more often. Make time to work on larger writing projects.

That probably means I’ll have to (*insert dramatic music*)… wake up early.

If only I was a morning person. But I am a writing person, and that should be motivation enough. Right? (Right.)

So that’s my next step forward. Wish me luck! (If only my bed wasn’t so comfy….)

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