It’s Friday and that means an update on my “publishing journey.”

Which basically, right now, translates to: Sarah figures out what blogging actually is.

This week, I sat down and tried to plan out, in more detail, what I wanted this blog to be. Yes, I want it to be a way for publishers to see me more as a writer and a person, rather than just a nobody from Nowhere, Rural Ohio.

But how do I accomplish that? So far, I’ve shared some stories that mean a lot to me and I’ve blogged some thoughts on 2020.

That makes me seem more like a writer, sure. I’m sharing more of my body of work and adding my thoughts to a timely subject.

But what about that other part? Making me seem like a person and not just a name on a query letter?

Let’s face it. We live in a world of connections: Of presenting ourselves to the world and the world reacting to it.

Which leads to an interesting question: Who is the Sarah Davidson that I want the world to see?

We’re all different people in different situations. So who am I (cue Les Miz music) when I’m blogging?

I’ve always been a proponent of individuality. That’s been my guiding philosophy through life since I was in high school. (A staggering 11 years ago… man, I feel old.) Some of my thoughts may have been tweaked as I’ve gotten older and gained new life experiences, but the core value still remains: Be who you are.

It’s almost Disney-esque in it’s simplicity, but I honestly believe that if everyone just presented themselves honestly, we’d all have a better understanding of each other and the world would be a kinder place.

So if I think about myself honestly, what matters to me?

Family. Writing. Reading. Traveling. Comics.

Those are the first words that come to mind.

Unsurprisingly, that also sums up the five biggest areas of my life, of what other people see when they look at me: I’m a wife, sister, and daughter. I’m an aspiring author. I’m a librarian. I’m a travel buff. And I’m a total nerd.

So when I think about what I want this blog to be, I think it’s going to be about all of the above. Mondays will be stories, but I may throw in some plays or poetry, too. Wednesday blogs may be about 2020 (though that topic is getting so ripe, it’s almost rotten), but it may also be about a typical day as a librarian, funny stories from growing up, or my top 10 superhero sidekicks (Hint: My #1 first appeared in Detective Comics #38… but which character wearing that mantle is the best?)

I’ve been so excited to see that I’ve already had people reading my blog (thank you!) even though I’m just starting out. I hope my plan going forward will provide lots of entertaining stories to enjoy.

After all, the name of the blog is “word-maleerie” (notions about words). And what are words but reflections of people? What are stories but snapshots of who we are at certain times and what we hope to become in the future?

My goal is to let this blog be just that: A little slice of who I am. After all, if you open yourself up, you never know what opportunities will follow.

Copyright Sarah Davidson 2020

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