First thing’s first…

And that is getting a routine.

My logic behind starting a blog was simple: What publisher would care about a librarian from Rural, Nowhere, who wanted to publish a book? If I start a blog, maybe I’ll see more like a person and not just another random name on a submission.

But the first thing I have to do is form a routine. Namely, remembering to update the blog on a regular basis. Last week, I remembered my Monday post, and this week, I remembered my Wednesday and Friday posts (albeit the latter barely—I am writing this at 11:57 PM).

The point of Friday’s post is to give an update on my publishing journey. I feel like I’m not even at the starting line. Maybe more like groggily making myself breakfast before getting ready, getting in the car, and then driving myself to said starting line.

But everything has to start somewhere, and this, I suppose, is as good a place to start as any. So, step one: Establish a blog routine. Step two…hopefully find people who enjoy my writing.

On my mark, get set…. wait, did I leave the toaster on? Oh well… go!

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